How digital marketing can help grow your SALES!

10 reasons why you should learn digital marketing in 2019

Are you thinking "Should I learn digital marketing?"

Do you think that digital marketing is just another profession or area of study?

Sometimes it is natural to feel that you do not need digital marketing skills and knowledge, maybe because you're working for a corporate organization or government agency, but think about it from the following perspectives:

1. Do you work with social media agencies to strategize, discuss and implement social media strategies for your company or organization?
2. Has your company looked into social media or digital marketing as a form of sales and marketing?
3. Imagine if you could contribute in the concept and even the brief and strategy for your company or organization, wouldn't that make you an asset in the company?
4. Imagine if you could help your company out and make suggestions on why the company should explore digital marketing.
5. Do you hope to start your business? If you do, this knowledge is a must!

Adding on from the perspective of THE BENEFITS OF DIGITAL MARKETING.

6. Digital Marketing allows targeted advertising

Although digital marketing is evolving day by day, month by month, and definitely on a yearly basis, digital marketing allows you as a business to be more targeted in your marketing and advertising.

Imagine this: What forms of marketing is your company familiar with?

Say if you're in F&B or Beauty & Wellness, I see many people giving out flyers near MRT or their shop fronts, but my question is, do you know how old I am? Majory of Beauty & Wellness needs the customer to be 18 or 21 years old and above. Sometimes, 23 years old and above!

Would you know which country I am from? In Singapore, its really hard to tell!

7. Digital Marketing allows re-targeting marketing and advertising

Back to the flyer marketing and advertising example, if you have given your flyer to someone, will you be able to give them another flyer or even share with them about your new promotions?

Well in digital marketing, you can!

Here are some examples, although there are more.

If you have launched a Facebook Ad to a group of audience you define as your "ideal customer", say with $100 you have shown your Facebook Ad to 14,000 people (according to Facebook's estimate in the screenshot).

So this is what Facebook allows you to do, Facebook allows you to re-target the same group of people when you launch another Ad, and you can specifically target people who have engaged with your Ad the past 30 to 180 days, or even people who have visited your Facebook page the last 30 to 90 days!

More importantly, with $100, that budget will only last you 2 days ($50/day) to hire someone to distribute flyers for you over a period of 5 to 8 hours maximum per day!

8. Digital Marketing is 24/7, global.

You do not need to hire a staff to work overtime, nor do you need to hire a staff if you need to market to an overseas audience especially if you hope to expand your business.

9. Market while you're asleep.

The beauty about digital marketing is that it can be left active even if you're travelling or asleep!
Imagine if it is raining, how will you market or advertise with flyers? TV Ads are expensive.

With Instagram, Facebook or even Google Advertising, you can market and advertise rain or shine based on Gender, Age, Location and Search Intent (Google Ads) or Interest (for Instagram & Facebook).

If you're thinking about "How effective is Social Media Ads?" and "How can I have clear Social Media Marketing Goals & Be more Intentional in lead generation online?" here's 5 quick tips on S.M.A.R.T goals that will help give you clarity in your Social Media Marketing & Adveritsing efforts on both Facebook and Instagram platforms.

10. Digital Marketing is convenient once the first campaign is launched.

For Facebook, once you have build your audience and content for the first 2 to 3 months, you can start updating once a week, and also use it as a platform to hear from your customers, and improve on your product or service.

Don't just think about selling your products and services with Social Media or Digital Marketing!

Think about how you can attract customers with good content, that helps you in brand positioning online with your Social Media profiles, marketing and advertising efforts.


Not to mention, Digital Marketing is also one of the TOP WANTED SKILLS by companies BIG or SMALL.

Would you like to learn more?

Here are some of Sky Digital Agency's SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Digital Marketing Courses we could recommend for you to join:

Grow your business with Instagram Marketing & Advertising Course Singapore

Sky Digital Agency has recently updated our 2-day Integrated Facebook Marketing for Business and E-commerce Owners and 2-day Integrated MailChimp Email Marketing for Business and E-commerce Owners Course curriculums, to help business owners and marketers can get the most out of these AMAZING digital marketing platforms to GROW THEIR BUSINESS & SALES with cost effective approaches, methods and strategies.

Integrated MailChimp Email Marketing Course

Integrated Facebook Marketing for Ecommerce Owners

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